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Dead on Arrival Guarantee (DOA)

DOA Policy

All Reef Republica livestock is guaranteed to arrive alive. If for any reason, an item does not arrive alive, you must contact us via email with detailed pictures of the item within one hour of the package's arrival. If a responsible person is not present on the first delivery attempt, this guarantee becomes void. We do not require a signature for deliveries. If in our opinion, the item is deemed to be deceased or defective, a credit will be applied to your account.

Shipping delays that result in livestock loss will not be covered under the Reef Republica DOA Guarantee. Shipping costs are not included in this guarantee.

Reef Aquarium Suggested Parameters

1.024 - 1.026 Specific Gravity

75- 78 Degrees F Temperature

8.1 - 8.4 PH

380 - 450PPM Calcium

8 - 9dKH Alkalinity

1300 - 1450PPM Magnesium 

<30PPM Nitrate (NO3)

<0.1PPM Phosphate

Undetectable Nitrite (NO2)

Undetectable Ammonia (NH3)

DOA Policy
Reef Tank Parameters
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