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Help NASA classify coral reefs?!

Updated: May 1, 2021

Absolutely! Join people from all over the world in helping Nasa's NeMO-Net identify coral reefs from 3D imagery. Its all in an effort to help AI technology be able to recognize reefs and provide us with critical information.


NASA is using futuristic technology (with us helping!) to map, identify, and asses the coral reefs around the globe. In an effort to better understand and represent the aquatic ecosystem, particularly coral reefs, NASA is using imagery and their super computer, Pleiades. The data collected from the game play helps to determine coral reef's health. With all the environmental changes and impacts on our ocean reefs, this should prove to be invaluable information.

This is something I can definitely get on board with! Entertaining and knowing the data I am helping to generate is being used to understand our reefs. It still astonishes me how much we have to learn from our oceans. We just found a new species of whale in the Gulf of Mexico, which can reach 42 feet! ( How do you miss that? I can totally understand finding a new species in the dark depths of the ocean or perhaps a new invertebrate living off a remote island, but to find a new creature the size of a building! Amazing.

I have downloaded the NeMO-Net and yes, I do play it. If you would like more information or would like to download it follow the link below.

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