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Tisbe biminensis. These copepods are tropical/sub-tropical and are a great inoculation for your tank. They eat detritus, phytoplankton, fish food, fish waste, and multiply rapidly. 

They will occupy the extreme lower portions of the tank and nourish those organisms that are actively feeding on or near the sand and on rocks. 

Don’t worry about skimmers, pumps, UV sterilizers. Just add them and stand back. It is essential to consistently restock your tank because a tank is a closed system and tend to be filled with hungry marine life that are constantly depleting a copepod population. 

Tisbes are an excellent food choice for seahorse frye, mandarins, wrasses, invert larvae and an overall great addition for reef tanks. AlgaGen PODS Tisbe raises sustainably, tested for diseases, and may or may not be a solely Tisbe culture. For those requiring uni-organisms cultures, the analytical grade culture is highly recommended.

Algagen Tisbe Pods

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