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NEW from ESHOPPS Color Series Alpha Class. Eshopps proudly introduce EZ Feeder. EZ Feeder allows you to easily defrost & feed your aquariums inhabitants in a convenient, secure location. EZ Feeder is equipped with an o-ring sealed lid & strong anti-slip rubber padded magnet that holds max tank thickness up to 1/2” (12.5mm). The sealed lid allows you to fully submerge EZ Feeder for a slow release of food and allows bottom dwelling fish to feed easily. This simple but amazing product is constructed of high quality clear over neon orange colored acrylic. EZ Feeder is a beautiful necessity for every aquarium hobbyist.  

- Anti-Slip rubber padded magnet 
- Modern design 
- O-ring sealed lid 

- Item#: 31991 
- Dimensions: 2"x3"
- Max tank thickness: Up to 1/2"

Eshopps Magnetic EZ-Feeder

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Expected in store one week from order date.
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