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Fight Against Gold Algae and Dinoflagellates Infections

DINO X is a liquid algicide that fights against gold algae and other dinoflagellates frequently found in marine aquaria. It successfully treats dinoflagellate outbreaks in reef aquariums without harming corals and other invertebrates.

DINO X is intended for use in saltwater aquariums only.

Recommended Dosing:

  • 5 ml Dino X per 100 L (26 gals) of aquarium water
  • To prevent overdose, it is essential to calculate the exact volume of aquarium water.
  • For heavy infestations and outbreaks, up to 6ml Dino X per 100 L (26 gals) can be dosed.
  • A high-performance skimmer is recommended.
  • Dosage should be repeated every two days until algae are eliminated.
  • A general treatment period cannot be given due to many variables.
  • Dinoflagellates can usually be treated with ten dosages.
  • Other algae can be treated with about 15 doses.
  • Do not perform water changes during the treatment period. Resume water change schedule after one week of last Dino X dose.
  • Do not dose any trace elements during the treatment period. Do not dose any mineral salts, amino acids, SPS food, or Balling Light Trace B Elements
  • Do not use ozone or carbon during the treatment period.
  • Discontinue any absorbing media such as GFO and PO4 removers.
  • Run Fauna Marin Carb L immediately after the last Dino X dose; follow the instruction of recommended dosing.



  • Dino X is NOT a treatment for cyanobacteria. For treatment of Cyanobacteria refer to Fauna Marin Red X
  • When used correctly, Dino X is harmless to inverts and fish.
  • Dino X should always be dosed in the evening or 1 hour AFTER the main lighting has shut off.
    Photosynthesis of Zooxanthellae algae is discontinued, ultimately allowing for optimal effect of Dino X Main lighting phase should be no longer than 6 hours daily.
  • Set skimmer to skim wet and run 24/7.
  • Water parameters can be adjusted with Balling Light or lime water. These do not affect Dino X's performance.
  • Pre-mixed Ca, Alk, and Mg solutions should be used cautiously as these often contain additional trace elements.

Safety Advice:

H 413: May be harmful to aquatic organisms, with long-term effects.

Only intended for use in saltwater aquariums. Keep away from children.
Do not introduce them into open waters.

Use and store biocidal products safely!
Always read label and product information before use. BAuA Reg. No.: N-71725


Fauna Marin DINO X

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