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Flow Rate: 132-2642gph (500-1000L/h)

The CY-1, or Cyclone, is one of the most elite wavemakers that H2Pro has to offer. Like the functionality of the previous and successful lineup of wavemakers, the QP series, H2Pro has created the Cyclone wave pump, and it is looking to live up to its name. The Cyclone features a unique ability to reverse the flow of the wave pump. Users can have full control of the Cyclone by having the unit pump forward as well as in reverse.

The essential benefits of having a wave pump with the ability to reverse are: 1.) Creating a unique push & pull wave and flow for any user's freshwater and saltwater aquarium. 2.) Allowing the unit to clean out any clutter without having the user to remove the unit from the tank. 3.) Let’s face it, it's very cool.

Users can attach the Cyclone to their tank with the included magnet mount. The magnet mount is very strong, which will keep the Cyclone securely in place while in operation. In addition, the Cyclone comes with a controller that allows users to have custom pump schedules (6 per day), master/slave wireless mode, feed times (10/20min), and other unique flows.

H2Pro CY-1 Cyclone Reverse Wave Pump Controller

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