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Perfect diet for all smaller marine fish providing all the nutrition they can handle. 

Marine-S is formulated to establish proper metabolism while maintaining good digestive system health. The digestive tract is where many bacterial and fungal diseases begin. Marine-S will enhance the brilliant colors you bought your marine fish for, helping them look their best. Our oxygen barrier bag helps lock-in the nutrition and provide you with the finest, non-frozen marine food available today!


Beneficial Ingredients

  • Chitosan to maintain good health in the digestive system.
  • Stabilized vitamin C to reduce stress and build resistance to diseases..
  • Shrimp Meal for excellent, natural coloration.

Nutritional Excellence

  • High nutrient, vitamin and mineral levels
  • One of our highest protein levels, consistent with the foods your fish would eat on the reef.
  • Promotes unequalled form, health and brilliant colors.
  • Bio-Technology allows us to provide your fish with a nutritional package that will have them looking like they just came off the reef.

Small Pellet

  • Porous pellet immediately becomes soft & sponge-like, it�s a texture your marine fish are accustomed to.
  • Will Not Dissolve Nor Cloud The Water
  • Easily digested helping to reduce waste

Hikari Marine-S Pellet 1.76oz

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