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  • Specially formulated for cycling and conditioning new saltwater aquaria.

  • Removes ammonia, nitrite and phosphate (assimilation). Removes nitrate (denitrification).

  • Compliments "traditional" cycling (i.e., nitrifying) bacteria such as Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas.

  • Occupies very different niche than nitrifying bacteria (e.g., anaerobic, heterotrophic and light-loving).


Hydrospace PNS Substrate Sauce 16oz

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  • Shake bottle. Add one bottle PNS Substrate Sauce per 400 gallons system water (1.25 ml per gallon) in an area of high flow. May also be soaked in substrate, rock or biomedia (rinse dry material with saltwater before application). For best results, cut protein skimmer and ozone/ultraviolet sterilizer for 12-24 hours. Recap the bottle immediately and store at room temperature (tolerates temperature swings of 34°F to 130°F). Sealed product shelf life of 8 months.

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