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  • The closest thing to real marine snow in the aquarium industry.

  • Contains a chitin-based substrate that is fermented with live purple non-sulfur bacteria and then preserved via flash pasteurization.



  • Organics bonded with bacteria, offering a just slightly heavier than neutrally buoyant food for corals and other suspension-feeders.

  • Loaded with protein, polysaccharides and vitamin B, it promotes rapid growth and recovery in a broad range of corals and filter feeding invertebrates. 

  • Features a broad range of particle sizes range from miniscule (e.g. individual deactivated microbial cells) to large (e.g. aggregated clumps of substrate and flocculant). 

  • Excellent delivery system of dietary vitamin B12 where dosing of B12 as a supplement alone cannot be simply absorbed. 


Hydrospace PNS YelloSno 16oz

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  • To feed, add up to one 16 fl oz bottle for every 500 gal system water (approximately 1 mL/gal) in an area of high flow. For best results, use frequently (as often as once daily) but sparingly. Shake the bottle vigorously just prior to use for finer particle sizes; shake lightly if large flakes are desired. Strong odors and slight color variations are normal for this product. Store refrigerated.

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