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  • Live food for corals and other bacterivores; rich in protein, carotenoids and vitamins.

  • Removes ammonia, nitrite and phosphate (assimilation). Removes nitrate (denitrification).

  • Consumes organic waste (both dissolved and particulate); especially effective at breaking down detritus due to its ability to degrade cellulose.

  • Naturally inhabits both freshwater and saltwater environments (intended for use in both).

  • Produces plant growth hormones (IAA and ALA).

  • Selectively consumed by corals; actively seeks out corals for colonization.

  • Lives inside the coral where it carries out symbiotic interactions with zooxanthellae.

  • Intended for regular use as part of feeding/maintenance regimen. Great for establishing bacteria due to "old tank syndrome"or reestablishing bacteria after medicating.

  • Proven probiotic; can be soaked in herbivore fish food to help break down cellulose in fish gut. 

  • Known to compete aggressively with pathogens such as Vibrio.

  • Can outcompete algae and cyanobacteria through competition for space and nutrients.


Hydrospace PNS ProBio 16oz

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  • Shake Bottle. When used as an aquarium/aquaponic inoculant, add one 16 fl oz bottle for every 400 gal system water (1.25 ml per gallon system water) in an area of high flow. For best results, cut ultraviolet/ozone sterilization for the first 24 hours of each application. May be re-dosed regularly as desired for continuous feeding or nutrient and dissolved organics management. Store at room temperature (tolerates temperature swings of 33°F to 130°F). Sealed product shelf life of 8 months.

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