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TDO Chroma BOOST is a granulated and pelleted fish and coral feed "top-dressed" with Haematococcus (which provides an excellent source of astaxanthin) for vibrant color and superior nutrition.

Recently, the Virginia Tech Agricultural Research Center did a study on the effects on clownfish coloration with different levels of astaxanthin top-dressing of TDO which led us to optimize our TDO with 400ppm astaxanthin for the reddest reds and whitest white™

TDO Chroma Boost Large (EP2) pellets 'Top-dressed' with Haematococcus



FISH SIZE:3" and up
MARINE INV:Shrimp, Crabs, Anemones, Sea Hares, Urchins, Abalone, Snails, Sea Stars
CORALS:Mushroom Corals, LPS, NPS
FRESHWATER INV:Shrimp, Snails, Crabs

Reef Nutrition TDO Chroma Boost Large

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