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Scientific nameOmmastrephes sloani pacificus

An Excellent Source of Protein

Feed frozen squid to your marine predatory fish daily or as an occasional treat for triggers, groupers and/or invertebrates. Squid contains all essential amino acids and a high level of the polyunsaturated fatty acid DHA, it is a nutritious source of energy eagerly eaten by a wide variety of predatory fish.


Product Features

  • All natural
  • Frozen fresh
  • Highly nutritious
  • Excellent for large carnivores
  • Great for saltwater fish
  • Promotes proper growth and supports color
  • Squid chunks in flat packs ad chopped squid in cubes




Saltwater: Boxfish, Puffers, Triggers, Groupers, Eels, Lionfish, Angels, Butterflies, Snappers, Squirrelfish, Wrasses, Tusks, Hawkfish and others.



Squid, water, guar gum.



Uncooked, thoroughly cleaned, washed, hand cut and rinsed squid chunks ready for use. Our squid has not been bleached with chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or formaldehyde, both of which are commonly used to remove the skin and whiten squid at the same time. The colors of the chunks are caused by the thin skin still being present.


Guaranteed Analysis

Flat Packs

Crude Protein (Min)10.5%
Crude Fat (Min)0.4%
Crude Fiber (Max)0.5%
Moisture (Max)89.0%
Ash (Max)0.8%
Phosphorus (Min)0.1%


Crude Protein (Min)5.9%
Crude Fat (Min)0.4%
Crude Fiber (Max)0.5%
Moisture (Max)93.0%
Ash (Max)0.8%
Phosphorus (Min)0.1%

San Francisco Bay Squid

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