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Reef Republica's Coral Acclimation Guidelines

We have put together a brief guide for acclimating your coral. These are the steps we follow for our corals and have found them to be beneficial. With our beloved hobby, there is so much information available that you will always find conflicting answers to questions or advice. The best advice out there is to do your research and learn about the specific corals you have in your collection. I have often compared a reef tank to a small Manhattan condo with all of your family, in-laws, and extended family living together. It is your responsibility to make everyone comfortable, happy, and, most importantly, cohabitating! We hope this guide will help get your corals comfy in their new home and start you on your research path.

Happy Reefing!

8.5 x 11 Acclimation Guide
Download PDF • 2.30MB

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