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Same great benefits from RPM's original formula, PLUS Higher alkalinity for increased SPS growth in higher nutrient systems!

  • Complete Professional Marine Salt Mix for Reef or Fish Only Systems
  • Contains All Essential Major, Minor & Trace Elements
  • Enhanced Alkalinity levels
  • Nitrate, Phosphate & Ammonia Free


Salinity 35 PPT

Alkalinity 10-12 dkh

Calcium 400-450 ppm

Magnesium 1300-1400 ppm

Strontium 9 ppm

Potassium 400 ppm

Fritz Reef Pro Mix (RPM) HIGH ALK Formula is manufactured using only the highest quality materials. RPM HIGH ALK Formula contains all of the necessary major and minor elements of natural sea water that are utilized by living marine and reef animals along with enhanced alkalinity, increased alkalinity has been shown to increase the growth of SPS Corals.

Fritz Pro RPM Redline Salt 55lb (200 Gal Mix) RED BOX

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