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Syncra Nano Circulation Pump
When the Micra pump was introduced 30+ years ago, SICCE was the standard all others tried to copy. Today we still are. The Syncra Nano packs all the qualities of the Syncra line into the smallest, most compact pump on the market. It comes standard with a turret outlet and suction cups, making it a great circulation pump for any nano or pico reef tank. Its second attachment, included, allows it to be used in-line externally, unlike any pump of this size or class. The Syncra Nano is ideal for fresh or saltwater and for nano tanks as well as larger tanks.

Complete with: kit for in-line application, flow regulation for 40-110gph, anti-vibration suction cups holder, 180� rotation of the water outlet (only when submersed)

Superior Quality- compact, powerful, and quiet
Wet and dry application
Runs cooler
0.02 Amp
2-in-1 adjustable flow
Max flow: 40-110 GPH
Max head: 2.3�
Cable length: 7.55�
Inlet & Outlet: (for in-line application) 12mm, 1/2
Self-cleaning lubricated impeller
Easy maintenance and wear-resistant rotor
3-year warranty - extended warranty available from authorized dealers

Also for freshwater use.

Sicce Syncra Nano Pump 110gph

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Sicce Pump Cleaning Kit

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