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Water testing is critical and necessary for aquariums. However, it is annoying and time-consuming to mix different test kits one by one.

Start with one button! Smart Stir keeps solutions stirred evenly. Just add the reagent and the test is completed in a moment. Make water testing easier, faster and more effective! 


Smart Stir’s compact design not only saves space but is compatible with standard vials whose diameter is under 2.7 cm in most water test kits.


Instead of replacing batteries, Smart Stir has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery which reduces waste batteries. It will be turned off automatically after five minutes of operation to save power. The low battery indicator reminds users to charge it in time to get the best performance. 


Smart Stir comes with not only attractive and streamlined look but thoughtful design. Its holder makes sure the vial stands firmly and the non-slip rubber pads on the bottom can dampen vibrations during stirring.

Live the Smart Way

Smart Stir is a small but clever labor-saving gadget to help you mix water test reagent with ease. Its strong motor and tiny magnetic stirring bar allow you to mix liquids completely and effortlessly in a moment.

Just drop the magnetic stirring bar in the container, put it on the stir base and press the power button, Smart Stir will do the annoying labor for you especially when you have to do several tests. It will stop automatically after five minutes in case you forget to turn it off.

Smart Stir (SS-100)

  • Charging : USB 5V
  • Charging Time : 120 minutes
  • Size : 2.77 x 2.77 x 2.34 inch (70.5 x 70.5 x 59.5 mm)
  • Holder Size : 27 mm in Diameter

AutoAqua Smart Stir

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