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This beautiful Yellow Finger Gorgonian for sale is found in deep water close to 100 feet. We source Yellow Gorgonian from the Caribbean ocean, specifically from the waters of the Florida Keys. It is also sometimes referred to as a colorful sea rod. It comes in red too. This is a hardy gorgonian with a nice bright color. The size we sell is usually about 6 inches in height. The branches display beautiful frilly white polyps and can be seen during the nighttime. Keep your saltwater tank lighting on low or not at all for the best polyp viewing. It can be quite mesmerizing to watch it sway in the water. We recommend this particular coral for the experienced aquarists. 

While these are hardy corals, it will take regular attention from you to keep it healthy. Yellow Finger Gorgonian are non-photosynthetic, so you will have to definitely stay on top of feeding it. Yellow gorgonians have a very peaceful temperament and you can anchor them to a rock or substrate with some epoxy. You'll want them to have a nice amount of space to grow. The best part about this hard coral is that seashores love to use it as a hitching post. It'll make a great addition to your reef aquarium. 

Care and Maintenance of Yellow Finger Gorgonians:

  • Lighting: Low lighting works best
  • Water Flow: Keep it from medium to strong
  • Water Temperature: 68 to 75˚F. You may need to utilize a chiller. Remember these are not shallow water corals.
  • Feeding: You must feed your yellow sea rod daily. It is a carnivore.
    • Baby Brine Shrimp
    • Frozen thawed foods
    • PhytoPlan
    • Filter Feeding foods meant for invertebrates. Consider a planktonic drip.
  • Supplements: Trace elements, iodine, strontium and calcium are highly recommended.
  • Micro algae & Cyanobacteria: because of the need for constant feeding, the risk of developing a micro algae problem in your tank is increased. They will make them very sick fast. Keep water flow to moderate or strong to prevent this and make sure you are using low lighting. 
  • Breeding: Branches do break off easily and thus these sea rods can be easily fragged.

Yellow Finger Goronian

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